9 November 2014 is the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.
Many walls have been built in human history, but only the Berlin Wall divided people of the same city, culture, language, and in some cases the same family. A border wall not directed against potential intruders, but to avoid own citizen’s escape. An issue that makes it unique, different from any other border fortification still standing all over the world. And the various wall traces that survived are the concrete evidence that life in East Germany was unaccettable for it’s own citizens. Wall traces that survived as monuments, open air galleries or memorials to remember hundreds of people who died trying to cross the border. Some of this remnants are huge and now part of Berlin landscape, others are still hiding in some dark corners, but they all let us remember that 25 years ago a wall that, in the words of who built it, was supposed to last for another hundred years, suddenly and peacefully fall down.

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